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About Ginger Viking

Why choose Ginger Viking? Because I've been doing this since 2016. I use all natural ingredients known for softening coarse beard hair while promoting a thicker, fuller beard with oils the encourage hair growth. Not to mention I have over 50 scents to choose from. My products include Beard Oil, Beard Warsh, Balm, Butter, Detangler/Anti-Frizz, Gel, Brushes, and Combs! All for incredibly reasonable prices. I'm not here to get rich, I truly care about your beard.

-Ginger Viking


Origin Story

One perilous morning the Ginger Viking was out at sea looking for the next village to pillage. When suddenly his boat capsizes out of nowhere and he is dragged under by something massive. As strong as the Ginger Viking is he cannot escape the beasts clutches and loses his life to the sea monster. The Ginger Vikings faithful Yorkies manage to pull his bloated, dead carcass to shore. Although the Yorkies have powers of their own they are unable to revive the Ginger Viking. At this moment the Ginger Valkyrie flies over on her sidekick Peggy. She sees the Ginger Vikings lifeless body lying in the sand and comes down for a closer look. She realizes that she can bring him back but he will be lacking a soul. The Yorkies desperately plead with the valkyrie to bring back the Viking even if he will be lacking a soul. They miss their owner and leader. So she agrees to do so and when the Viking returns it was like he had never left aside from his now gruesome face and mangled body. the valkyrie assured him that over time he would return to form, but it could be hundreds of years. Now the Ginger Viking spends his time looking for revenge on that murderous sea creature from the deep.