Beard Oil 50ml

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Each bottle is made with an all natural base consisting of Castor, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Coconut oils. Essential and/or fragrance oils are added for scent. Helps with beard softness, skin health, itchiness, and beard growth.

Scent List

Valhalla - Pine/Bergamot
Klondike - Peppermint/Eucalyptus
Rootbeard - You Know
Pina Bro-Lada - Coconut/Pineapple
Viking Blood - Cinnamon/Clove
Dream - Coconut/Lime/Citrus Blend
Lumberjack - Cedarwood/Tea Tree
Sex & Candy - Ylang Ylang/Bergamot/Orange
Smoke - Campfire Smoke
Boss - Cologne scent
Bay Rum - Bay Rum
Love - Love Spell Victoria's Secret Fragrance
Canadian - Maple/Bacon
Dragon - Dragons Blood Root
Berry Hairy - Berry Medley
American - Apple Pie
Squatch - Pine/tea tree/smoke
Yak - Cognac and Cigar
Barbershop - fresh cologne scent
Quarantine - Citrus (bergamot and Mandarin orange)
Pyre - Cherry/Brown Sugar/Pipe Tobacco
Happy - Women's Perfume Scent
Creamy Vanilla
Coconut Dream
Strawberry Champagne
Peach Fuzz
Birthday Cake
Fresh Brewed Coffee
Caramel Corn
Fruit Loops
Sucker Punch (fruit punch)
Green Apple
Cotton Candy
Orange Creamsicle
Blue Balls
Monkey Farts
Blue Raspberry
Strawberry Jam
Carrot Cake
Nag Champa
Amber Musk
Blueberry Crumble